The #UREnough Campaign

The UR Enough campaign shares the personal truths of fifteen individuals in Toronto from different age groups, backgrounds, experiences and opinions. Speaking their truths on mental wellness, vulnerability, and self-love, their stories and struggles share a common theme.

In a world where external opinions and expectations influence the way we think, feel, and speak, when we are faced with struggle we feel shame for being human. We self-criticize for each perceived underachievement, filter our words, mask our imperfections, and dim our light in attempt to avoid difficult conversations. But here’s the truth  — we are all imperfect human beings struggling to be seen, and are worthy of love and belonging. Breaking the silence by speaking our stories and experiences for others to hear, the notion that we are disconnected beings dissolves. For these fifteen, they have come together on common ground to speak their truth of mental health in hopes of ensuring other people struggling do not feel alone and to empower others to cultivate self-acceptance and speak their truth, too.

Join the conversation — be brave, be vulnerable and #speakURtruth.

What is #speakURtruth?-9
What is #speakURtruth?-9
What is #speakURtruth?-11
What is #speakURtruth?-7
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