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Age: 11

Don’t let his serious face fool ya, this guy knows how to make a room smile. During the filming of the campaign, Ishmael shared his truths on mental wellness and self-acceptance. And we have gotta say, the future is bright for this kid.



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Age: 21

Walking in with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face, Mackenzie spoke with  confidence when sharing her experiences with anxiety and mental wellness — you could just tell that she is resilient. Diagnosed with high-functioning autism, this nurturing soul is an animal whisperer and feels most true to herself when taking care of her animals.



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Age: 29

An energetic and wholehearted soul, this girl is a boss! Founder and fitness coach behind a successful brand, Courtney uses her truth and experiences to inspire others to see their own abilities. Read on to hear more.



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Age:  50

A father, husband, son, brother, teacher, and artist, who might speak little words via email, shocked us when he spoke his truth. Read on to find out why.



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Age: 25

Injured from a fall in 2014, Jenna faced a whirlwind of struggles with her mental health. As one of our new friends at UR Enough, she bravely speaks her truth to inspire others to nurture their own mental wellness. Read on to hear more.



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Age: 43

For years this mother kept a facade that she was okay and hid her feelings of anxiety, isolation, and depression. With support and acceptance, she no longer hides and has turned those feelings into passion. Afshan speaks her truth in hopes of ensuring other people struggling do not feel alone and to motivate others to embrace acceptance and self-love, too. Read her truth here.



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Age: 36

After an overdose in 2007, Steven came to a crossroad in his life. It was then at that moment he took off running on his journey to recovery. Literally. Now the successful co-founder of Bond Running and of Parkdale Roadrunners, he bravely speaks his truth on addiction and mental health to inspire hope and educate others that recovery is possible. Read more here.



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Age: 24

One of fifteen inspiring individuals who spoke their truth during the UR Enough campaign, Emily bravely shares her truth and experiences of living with Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD to help remind others who are struggling that there is hope and that they are worthy of recovery and self-love. Read on to hear her truth.



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Age: 72

Boys don’t cry. Be a man. Man up. This type of messaging causes us to interpret male vulnerability as weakness. Tom speaks his truth to help break down the stigma and to remind other males that whatever they are feeling is okay. Reaching out for help when struggling reveals strength, not weakness. Read on to hear his truth.



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Age: 6

When this little lady walked into the UR Enough campaign, it took Hermione a solid 5 seconds to become best friends with everyone in that room. From holding hands with others to braiding someone’s hair, she was not afraid to show the people around her love. Hermione shared her truth on mental wellness to encourage others to show compassion and love to everyone, including yourself.



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Age: 28

Driven, optimistic, a business owner, and openly transgender, Lucah bravely speaks his truth. As one of our new friends at UR Enough, Lucah shares his truth and experience of gender transition to inspire others to be their true authentic self. Read on to hear more.



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Age: 49

A working mother diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Wilma bravely speaks her truth to help overcome societal prejudice and stigma for those that live with a mental illness. As her truth is a truth similar to many others – she has a family and career and a life she loves – with the lack of conversation and the misleading information about mental health, Wilma hopes that by speaking her truth, others will have a greater understanding and show compassion towards those who are afflicted.



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Age: 27

A model, speaker, and life enthusiast, Ashley has felt the unrealistic standards of beauty. Overcoming others opinions and perceptions, Ashley now bravely speaks her truth and shares her own experiences to remind others that their worth has absolutely nothing to do with the way that they look. Read on to hear Ashley’s truth.



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Age: 26

A lover of art, literature, and people, Wil grew up in a very conservative, Christian environment. Identifying as a gay man, his mental health suffered from suppressing his authentic self and the shame that followed it. Today, Wil speaks his truth to help others, regardless of their belief, realize that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that they are worthy of love and belonging. Read Wil’s inspiring truth.



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Age: 18

Meet Michelle. A high school student and an active member in her community, Michelle is our next generation. Discussing the difficulties of showing love and kindness to ourselves the same way we do to others, she reminds us that it’s OKAY to have problems, anxieties, fears and to make mistakes. Universally, each of us will face our own unique struggles, become our worst critic. But no matter who you are, you still deserve the same love and kindness. You are enough. Read on to hear Michelle’s truth.




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