meet Thalia Kane

Thalia Kane, who grew up between the Maritimes and Ecuador, discovered a language Universal to wherever she called home, and that was the language of dance. Dancers are far too familiar with pain; whether it be from the hours of training, or the resultant blisters and injuries, dancers have a way of continuing through the discomforts with grace. However, there was nothing to prepare Thalia for the injury that she was about to receive.

When Thalia turned 19, she was critically injured and was restricted to a bounds of a wheelchair. Her potential dance career quickly came to an end and she required extensive therapy to relearn basic motor functions. While searching for different types of therapies, Thaila found Essentrics.

Essentrics, a dynamic workout program created in Montreal by a retired professional ballerina, focuses on lengthening and strengthening every muscle in the body while improving the greater joint mobility. Recently completed her training, this apprentice Essentrics instructor is excited to share this ‘life-changing’ program with others. This program, for her, has provided her with such relief from her injuries, and though it’s not at the same level, she has the ability to dance again.

“I believe in self-care and self-love and for me, taking care of my body is it. We only have one, and it’s our greatest source of communication.” – Thalia Kane

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