Meet Lucah

Meet Lucah. Driven, optimistic, a business owner, and openly transgender, Lucah bravely speaks his truth. As one of our new friends at UR Enough, Lucah shares his truth and experience of gender transition to inspire others to be their true authentic self. Read on to hear more:

UR Enough: Please introduce yourself to the UR Enough community.

Lucah: My name’s Lucah and I’m a Toronto based filmmaker, marketer and digital strategist. I was adopted from the Dominican Republic at the age of 2 months old and grew up in an inter racial family. I transitioned to male in my late teens and now use my story to hopefully shed life on the experience of gender transition and what it takes to still follow your dreams.

UR Enough: Your life has been a series of transitions. For those that don’t know you, you were actually born a female. That must have been a very vulnerable time for you. When did you begin your transition?

Lucah: I began transition at the age of 19 and now I am 28 so much of my adult life has been living as male. Being female as a teenager was incredibly painful and I am so grateful I had the opportunity and family support to undergo gender transition despite the stigma.

UR Enough: The transition process isn’t just about you transitioning, it’s also about everyone around you transitioning. What was life like before your transition, and how did that change when you became your authentic self?

LUCAH_02Lucah: Yes my family was worried about me and how the world would feel about me but I knew living as male was something important to me that I wanted to do. Before transition I felt like how I looked was totally off – I wasn’t comfortable doing anything. I couldn’t play sports, I couldn’t go swimming, I struggled to even go clothes shopping because I hated my body and how I looked. I hated being seen as female and wanting to be male was one of my earliest memories. When I started gender transition it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Some things were more difficult like societies treatment of me when I didn’t pass, but after top surgery and years on hormones, my transition is both my greatest gift and also something I know is not accepted by everyone so I have to be careful who I disclose to. But if I didn’t transition I would not be here to write this today, so sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your comfort and happiness.

UR Enough: Let’s talk about your film, Passing. This short documentary, exploring the lives of three transgender men of colour, focuses on transphobia, sexism, and racism. While examining the more internal, this film included social aspects of being transgender today. In regard to inclusion and identity, what do you hope others to understand about transgender men and women?

Lucah: Theres so many things I wish people understood about being trans and I also can only speak from my own experience, but if I had to list one thing in particular I would say that, that all trans people are the same. We have different personalities, political views, goals, bodies, identifies, likes and fears. We are as varied as non trans people and sometimes people assume I will feel a certain way about something just because I am trans and I won’t necessarily. I wish that people understood that being trans is one aspect as of, and that it shouldn’t dictate how we are perceived by the outside world but that character is more important.

UR Enough: Also, congratulations to you for another film you co-produced and all of its success. For Nonna Anna was among the Canadian films selected to play at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival this past year in Utah. What is your motivation to continue making films about transition?

Lucah: I want to continue to tell trans stories because life doesn’t stop after transition. So much of the narrative is about the transition itself and I want to keep showing how life goes on, how we are treated after the fact and that passing as male or female is also only one part of the experience.

UR Enough: Leading up to the campaign we asked you several questions surrounding mental wellness. What are some of your own mental wellness rituals that you incorporate into your daily life?

Lucah: I live a very busy life as a business owner so when I can I like to take time, even 5 minutes to just be still. I use moments like on planes, on the subway or places where I cannot be contacted to touch base with myself and try to relax. I also like to hang with friends, watch films and exercise.

UR Enough: In five words, what does the messaging and community of UR Enough mean to you?

Lucah: Supportive, positive, inclusive, health, love.

Watch and listen to Lucah speak his truth in The #UREnough Campaign, and become inspired to embrace authenticity and speak your truth, too.

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