Meet Joe


Meet Joe. He is a father, husband, son, brother, teacher, and artist who left an impact on our hearts.

We are going to tell you a little story about Joe — when Joe expressed his interest in being involved in the UR Enough campaign, his email communication with us was short and simple. Perhaps, we thought, he is just a man of few words. None the less, we wanted to learn more about Joe.

Well, as it would turn out, Joe is not a man of few words and what we would soon learn would leave an incredible impact on us.

It was almost midnight after filming the campaign back in December, and we (Kelsey and Mandi) were celebrating with, of course, a bottle of rosé when unexpectedly we received an email from Joe that brought us both to tears. Joe began by telling us of the great experience he had during the filming of the campaign, how he learned a lot, had fun, and that after he went home, he wrote and recorded us a song called “You Are Enough“.

Let that register for one second.

Perhaps we are both two very sensitive people (FACT), but to have someone feel so empowered and connected to UR Enough that they vulnerably not only just speak but SING their truth in a melody was unimaginable! Beyond the incredible day of filming that we had just had, Joe reminded us that night of the power that each and everyone of us has — when you speak your own truth you empower others to be brave, to be vulnerable, and to be fearlessly authentic. Somewhere along the way, our society confused vulnerability as weakness, and we want to clarify that. By featuring each person from the UR Enough campaign we want to inspire you to #speakURtruth too and share your real, authentic, imperfect story. We feel honoured to be a platform to share Joe’s truth today, so read on and learn why Joe speaks his through his music.

UR Enough: You recently wrote a beautiful song called, “You are Enough”, and we must say that you are a fantastic songwriter and musician. How does music affect your own mental wellness? 

Joe: I know it sounds weird, but music is like a fine tune adjustment knob. It can make moments and feelings more meaningful, and at the same time, one can turn it down or off altogether.

UR Enough: What is it that you love most about songwriting?

Joe: Songwriting is my favourite art form — it’s like a compact little package of emotions.  It can convey, for me, what a 700-page novel, or a sculpture, or 3 hour symphony can for others.

UR Enough: Besides music, do you have any daily mental wellness rituals?

Joe: No real rituals.  It’s important though, to try and achieve something each day and do it well. A task, or perhaps just being kind.

JOE_01UR Enough: What is one thing you love most about yourself?

Joe: Doing the interview and in subsequent emails, the term self love has come up a few times.  I understand the term, and the way people like to use it.  I also understand that often people struggle with the idea of not liking/loving themselves for a multitude of reasons.  When I think of love however, I think of the love I have for my family, and when I think of myself, I think I am very satisfied with who I am; the choices I make, those close to me, how I have lived my life etc.  I don’t really refer to it or think of it as self love.  Having said that, once again, I know what you’re going for… what I love most about myself is how, together with my wife, we’ve created and continue to create a beautiful family.

UR Enough: In five words, what does the messaging and community of UR Enough mean to you?

Joe: Acceptance, kindness, vision, health, family

I find that people often pull together in times of adversity, but surrounding issues of mental health and wellness, we are a little slow to get on board.  The UR Enough ethos is one of welcoming and acceptance, and that ‘you are ok no matter what you’re going through, and it can get better’.  When I think of my students struggling in silence because of a dysfunctional family situation, substance abuse, bullying or some mental health issue, it’s crushing to know that they might believe there is no way out.  And, as we know, there is… even if it seems dark right now.

Watch and listen to Joe speak his truth in The #UREnough Campaign, and become inspired to cultivate your own self-acceptance and speak your truth, too.

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