Day 12 of UR Enough’s Twelve Days of Kindness

The tree has been decorated, cards have been mailed, gifts have been wrapped, and cookies have been baked. With Christmas around the corner, UR Enough’s Twelve Days of Kindness was a reminder of what the holiday season should really be like. From calling old friends to mailing love lettersdonating canned food to celebrating local heroes, these are just some of the random acts of kindness that we have participated in.

Today is Day 12 of UR Enough’s Twelve Days of Kindness. While no gift receipt will be required, this gift of kindness should be added to all holiday to-do lists. So are you ready to hear what it is?

For Day 12 of UR Enough’s Twelve Days of Kindness we are writing letters to our future self. Life can be a rollercoaster. We can have a good day and then a bad day with no apparent rhythm in the frequency. The purpose of day 12 is to take a few moments and write a letter to your future self that you may read on one of your bad days. It is a way to remind yourself that you are doing amazing even when plans go astray. That you are loved even when you don’t feel it. That you are not alone and that an army is behind you. That you will be okay even if you feel like you won’t be. That your feelings are completely valid and to give encouragement of continuing. Provide examples of your success or strategies to help you see through the fog. This is an exercise that your future self will thank you for. Trust in yourself. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself.

Now seal the envelope, store it away and save it for that rainy day.

If you are challenging yourself by joining us to spread love and cheer this holiday season, remember to use the hashtag #UREnoughX12DaysofKindness.

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