recovery & injury-prevention strategies

With the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon only a few days away, the UR Enough team is near ready to lace up. Though our training may be complete, UR Enough wanted to share some running recovery tips that could be used both pre- and post-race. When thinking about who might be best to share their knowledge and offer advice, there was only one person that came to mind.

Carla Robbins, an Exercise Physiologist based out of Calgary, Alberta, is someone you want to keep your eye on. With a Masters of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, Carla has been working with National level athletes both in strength training and conditioning, as well as testing and monitoring for the last few years. While clinical populations are also in her scope, she stays involved though Vital Strength and Physiology. Aside from her stacked resume, Carla is a runner by trade. This past weekend Carla competed in the MEC Race Series and her stellar Marathon time earned her a spot on the podium. Who better to guide our runners through a series of recovery and injury-prevention strategies than our friend Carla!?

In the video, Carla has teamed up with Dr. Justin Tan, a Lululemon Ambassador and a chiropractor from Calgary, AB. Over the last few years Justin has created “Rollax”, a meditative mobility class incorporating rolling and mobility balls. Shared with their clients, athletes, and friends alike, both Carla and Justin, certified Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) specialists, have incorporated mobility training from FRC into practice. If you ask us, we think that these two are one unstoppable duo. Their video can be used as a health resource to help you to achieve your goals. A running specific Rollax routine, these strategies will help you deepen your body awareness and allow you to unwind those tissues so that you can start to play, live, and have fun more freely.

Kelsey and Mandi have both been following these exercises leading up to their marathon and although they can be painful (this is a good thing, we promise), they can both agree that this strategic video has helped immensely with their training.

Carla has offered herself as a resource for both our long distance and short distance runners, and wants to help the UR Enough team reach their running goals. Thank-you Carla, Justin, and Lululemon for sharing this valuable video with the UR Enough team.

Now, go do yourself a favor and take ten minutes to follow these exercises. Grab a foam roller, a block, and a trigger point ball. If you don’t have some of these, make it accessible — grab a water bottle or a wine bottle (and well, you might as well pour yourself a glass), or use a stack of books to support your hips. We promise your body will thank-you for it!


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