UR Enough Charity Ride

The much anticipated and sold-out UR Enough x RIDE charity event that happened at Ride Cycle Club on October 11th was an absolute success — 56 inspiring individuals came together to celebrate their bodies, their health, and their community. Our ride instructor Kyle, a badass dude with the spirit animal of Kanye, kept us energized, inspired, and challenged throughout the entire spin class. It didn’t matter if the rider was new to the spin-game or was experienced sitting in the front row, Kyle’s fresh playlist with remixed hits from 50 Cent to Michael Jackson and his choice of dim lighting played to the strengths of all of the riders in the room. The smiles and energy from everyone that night has left us on a high that has lasted the whole week.

On behalf of UR Enough, thank you to everyone that came to the UR Enough x RIDE event. With your support, involvement, and enthusiasm, the event was successful at raising more than $1300 for the National Eating Disorder Information Centre, a non-profit organization that provides supportive resources on eating disorders, and food and weight preoccupation. Day by day, we are starting to realize the power of UR Enough and how this small venture can be used to inspire, motivate, and support individuals from all walks of life. When we draw our attention to the power of being a human, we can recognize and appreciate our beauty and shine light on the ‘enough-ness’ that we all are.

Our sponsored goodie bags, thoughtfully created from the donations of Bounce Energy Balls, Endurance Tap, Flow Water, Saje Natural Wellness, and The Courage Collective, supported our riders health and wellness. Thank you to all of our sponsors for their generous donations.

If you missed out on this last event, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date with all future events.






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